Flexible connectors for water and gas

FLEXITUB, S.L. is a young and dynamic company, founded in 1987 in Barcelona. Dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of flexible connectors for water and gas. The national and international development of FLEXITUB, S.L. is based on constant growth, involving the continual expansion of our facilities to incorporate the most sophisticated and up to date quality systems

Water filtration and treatment since 1975

For more than 40 years atlas have taken on a role of primary importance in the water filtration and water treatment.The wide range of products, constantly updated in order to offer new and customised solutions, exclusive technology, crown jewel of internal production, a care for details fully following the Made in Italy tradition

Great tasting water for the whole family

Doulton® has been committed to providing you and your family with the finest natural drinking water filters since 1826.Eco-friendly manufacturer with multiple industry certifications and recognised by the highest international quality standards. Made in Great Britain, Doulton® ceramic water filters are convenient, versatile and economical, derived from naturally occurring raw materials